Talented and Gifted (TAG) students have options for acceleration: Freshmen may request the “Honors” option in any of the three Academy classes of English, Modern World History and Biology/Chemistry. Any student may opt for a higher level of subject matter in a class during the first month of school. During the forecasting process, counselors encourage all students, particularly TAG identified students, to enroll in challenging courses. All IB courses feature essentially accelerated content and are open to students who may wish to take either a full IB diploma schedule or to those who wish to take only one or two IB courses.

    Academically gifted and motivated Cleveland students have the opportunity to apply and/or participate in off-campus programs:

    Reed College Young Scholars Lewis & Clark Templeton Scholars

    Saturday Academy also offers a wide range of special interest classes throughout the Portland Metro Area taught by community professionals. This is a great way to explore areas of interest in veterinary medicine, robotics, computer programming, special effects in addition to receiving help in SAT prep and writing the college application essay. Financial Aid is available. Visit the website or pick up a catalog in the Student Services Center (SSC) at Cleveland.

    For more information about TAG, please contact McKenna Miller at mmiller4@pps.net or 503-916-5120. Or visit the TAG Bulletin Board in the Student Services Center.