Math Pentagames

Posted by Elizabeth Madison on 5/14/2019


Recently we took three teams of students over to Jackson Middle School for a math competition.  It is called Pentagames and it invites teams from across the area to participate in a variety of math contests.  The following students were part of our teams:  Ajay Custer , Lia Black and Carter Lykins made up the 7th grade team.  Trevor Smith, Erin Wilson and Gerry Smith  were part of the 8th grade team.  Peter Platosh, Owen Schlimgen and Kylie Elliott were part of a team that was open team.  There was a great mix of individual activities, teamwork problems, and even a relay at the end of the event.  Different ribbons, buttons and trophies were awarded at the end of the event.  This was definitely a fun event.