• Campsite Reporting 

    Portland Public Schools (PPS) has no authority or jurisdiction to perform campsite cleanups and removals on any property not owned by PPS. Issues of encampments are best reported to the City of Portland using the City’s campsite reporting tools. There are two ways that individuals can submit a campsite report to the City:

    • PDXreporter.org (and select the “campsite report” icon); OR
    • Call 311 and a 311 program specialist will make a report for you over the phone. 

    Reporting using either method (please just pick one) will automatically create a work assignment for a crew with lived experience to respond. While onsite, the crew will engage with individuals present, they will offer resources, they will pick up camper identified garbage, and then they will conduct an assessment and send their assessment back to the City’s Impact Reduction Team for review. Here is video which showcases how the City responds to reports received. The City recommends community members file reports once a week to help ensure crews continue to visit the site to remove garbage and also to provide the City with an accurate and current assessment as to the conditions onsite.

    If there is criminal activity associated with the encampment, it is critical this information is reported directly to Police.

    If you witness criminal activity occurring in a campsite, please contact 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number (503) 823-3333 as appropriate to report the activity to the Portland Police Bureau.

    If the issue is with regard to a vehicle (either abandoned or lived in), please report to the City’s Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) by calling 503-823-7309 and providing a brief description of the vehicle (make, model, and any other identifying features) and its location.

    Any questions, requests for information, or updates can be emailed to reportpdx@portlandoregon.gov.

    Weekly Campsite Reports are published every Tuesday by the City's Impact Reduction Program highlighting weekly statistics and locations that have been cleaned and/or removed. You can request to be added to the Weekly Campsite Report email list by emailing reportpdx@portlandoregon.gov

    The City's Impact Reduction Program offers an interactive dashboard displaying current information and status updates about unsanctioned campsites. Community members can use this tool to view information about campsite reports, site assessments, and removal information, including photos of posted notices and before/after photos of the reported location. To view the dashboard, please visit this link: https://www.portland.gov/homelessnessimpactreduction/impact-reduction-program-dashboard-and-performance-measures.