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    Employee & Contractor Fingerprinting Forms

    As our Covid-19 precautions change and adapt, our background process may change. You should refer to our Fingerprinting and Background Check page for the most recent steps to get a badge.

    PPS Criminal History Verification Form 

    • The form must be completely filled out prior to submission. 
    • This new version is required for all employee applicants as of 11/1/2020  
    • IF YOU ARE A VOLUNTEER DO NOT USE THIS FORM. Please refer to the volunteer tab for the correct background check application for volunteers. 


    Know your rights. Here is information concerning background checks and the Fair Consumer Reporting Act




    Fingerprint Criminal History Release Form

    Request to release fingerprint information - This form is used for releasing your fingerprint clearance form to another school district.  This form is usually not needed when turning in a background check application. DO NOT TURN IN WITH A CHV FORM UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN PRINTED WITH ANOTHER OREGON SCHOOL DISTRICT IN THE LAST 2 YEARS. 



    General Information About Fingerprinting Process

    Administrative Directive 5.10.141-AD Employee Contractor and Volunteer Criminal History Verification

    Disqualifying Convictions List