• Safety is everyone's responsibility. 

    Here are some of the current safety measures we have in place to support safe learning environments.


        • SafeOregon: This is a statewide school safety tip line to report potential threats against students, school employees or school property. 

        • Secured School Buildings:  All our schools have access-controlled doors and are fully secured during the normal school day. Most of our schools have single points of entry and all visitors must use a buzzer to request access after school has started. 

          • All visitors are required to check-in at the main office, provide valid identification and are screened through Raptor, our visitor and volunteer management system.

        • Surveillance Systems: All schools have surveillance cameras.  The number of cameras will vary based on the school.  With the 2020 security bond, we will be adding additional interior and exterior cameras to all campuses.

        • Classroom Door Locks: Thanks to the 2020 bond, all classrooms will receive hardware upgrades that allow for classrooms to be locked from the inside.

        • Internal Communication System: All schools are equipped to broadcast emergency messages throughout the campus, notifying students and staff to take emergency action. The system can be activated through every phone in every building.

        • Emergency Drills and Training: Our schools conduct emergency drills throughout the school year including two active threat drills. 

        • Behavioral Safety Assessment System: This provides tools and resources to identify and respond to situations that may pose a risk to safety. 

        • Campus Safety Associates: All high school campuses and several of our middle school campuses have an assigned campus safety associate(s).  Campus safety associates in partnership with the school administration help maintain safe learning environments through patrolling campuses, building relationships with students, community de- escalating, and intervening in unsafe situations on or near campuses.

        • Mental Health, Social Workers, Counselors: A team of professionals work with schools daily to provide resources, intervention, and other supports to wrap around students who may be experiencing bullying, social and emotional distress, or suicidal ideation, to ensure these students receive proper care and support.

    We encourage students, parents/guardians, and the community to report any threats, questionable acts, or information to a family member, adult, Safe Oregon, or law enforcement.