•  Background Checks for Badges with PPS

    Our security team conducts background checks and issues ID cards for PPS employees,  paid contractors, and interns accepted into programs working towards their TSPC licensure. 
    Please refer to the information headers on this page specific to the type of badge you are applying for. 

    If you do not find the answer you need in the tabs, please email backgroundcheck@pps.net with your questions.


    Applicants who wait more than 60 days to complete their fingerprint and/or badge appointments may be required to reapply and may need to pay new fees. Do not initiate the background check process if you do not intend to complete all steps required for your badge type within 45 days of submitting your application to PPS.  Please contact backgroundcheck@pps.net if there are extenuating circumstances. 

    Please note that most fingerprinting is now conducted offsite. We will give you the information to schedule an appointment after you submit your paperwork and payment receipt.

  • Renewing a contractor background check

  • High School and middle school summer and school year employees

  • New and Returning PPS Employees

  • Contractors

  • Type 10 Contract Drivers

  • School Counselor, School Social Worker, School Psychologist Interns

  • Teacher Candidates (Student Teachers)

  • SLP Interns

  • Background Check and Badge Renewals

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  • Volunteers

  • Non standard form: Request for ODE fingerprint information FROM another school district

  • Non standard form: Request PPS to share ODE fingerprint information with another district