Fingerprinting & Background Check Services

    Security Services conducts preliminary background checks, fingerprinting, and issuing of ID Cards for PPS employees, contractors, interns, and student teachers.

    For the health and safety of our employees, the BESC main administration building remains closed to the public. Security Services staff are working remotely. We have created pathways, based on each type of badge, to submit your application for a background check and badge. It is very important that you follow the directions for your badge type!


    PPS New and Returning Hires: Please follow the directions you receive from your talent acquisition contact, or your department hiring manager. They will submit your application for you. Do not submit directly to Security Services.


    Contractors: Full instructions and links HERE   (These steps are NOT intended for cab companies, separate instructions are listed below)

    Step 1: Submit background check and required documentation to backgroundcheck@pps.net

    Step 2: Fingerprinting  If you have an active TSPC license you will not be required to be fingerprinted again. 

    Step 3: Photo and badge distribution


    Transportation Contractors (cab companies)

    Full Instructions TBD  Do not proceed without instructions from PPS student transportation services.

    Step 1: Prerequisite: Complete required class with student transportation

    Step 2 Submit background check application and receipt from online payment to PPS

    Step 3: Fingerprint appointment

    Step 4: Photo Appointment. Badges will be sent to Transportation for distribution. 


    Student Teachers and Counseling Interns

    Step 1: Complete all Prerequisites prior to submitting for a background check:

       A. Completed placement process with the department overseeing your experience

       B. completed fingerprint clearance with TSPC

    Step 2 Submit Criminal History Verification Form

    Step 3: Photo and badge distribution


    Questions about background checks can be directed to SecurityServices@pps.net


     Refer to Administrative Directive 5.10.141-AD, Fingerprinting and Criminal History Verification Procedures for Non-Licensed Personnel, for additional information and guidance.