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  • K7PPS Ham Radio Resources

    K7PPS Frequencies

    431.150 MHz - Simplex 1

    431.250 MHz - Simplex 2

    440.250+ (127.3) - Repeater (thanks to OTVARC for allowing us to use it)

    Regional Ham Radio Template

    This is the regional emergency communications template.  This is a great resource for repeaters that are currently operational and there are frequently weekly nets on the primary repeaters for each county to listen too.

    2017 Reginal Amateur Radio Template


    PPS Amateur Radio Template

    This is a starter list of the basic K7PPS Amateur Radio Template.  This is the programming information for the BaoFeng radio template files, but the same information can be used to program any brand of Ham Radio.

    PPSARC Template 01-10-18



  • Nets to check in

    7:00pm Wednesdays - K7PPS ARC Net - 440.250+ (127.3)

    6:05pm Daily - NW Traffic and Training Net - WORC System (www.worc.info)

    7:30pm Daily - District 1 ARES Net - 147.320+ (100.0 Hz) (www.arrg.org)