• Adult Sexual Misconduct

    Mandatory Training for PPS Volunteers

  • Definition of Adult Sexual Misconduct

    Any sexual activity (physical or not) directed to a student  with the purpose of developing a romantic or sexual  relationship.* Also, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and  other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.  Harassment does not have to be of a sexual nature,  however, and can include offensive remarks about a  person’s sex/gender/orientation. **

    *US Government Accountability Office (2014)

    ** Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

    What to Look for - Grooming Behaviors

    Child grooming is establishing an emotional connection with  a child to lower the their inhibitions with the objective of  sexual abuse.

    Examples include:

    • Inappropriate sexual talk or behavior directed at or expressed  in the company of students
    • Overly personal messages, notes, texts, yearbook inscriptions
    • Risqué jokes or degrading or provocative remarks
    • Suggestive teasing or innuendo
    • Students singled out for favors/gifts
    • Secretive or flirtatious behavior
  • Perpetrators of Adult Sexual Misconduct  Work Diligently to Hide it By:

    • Appearing above reproach
    • Developing close ties to family and school
    • Working to develop loyalty in the student
    • Claiming to be acting out of concern
    • Going on the attack
  • Inappropriate Behavior

    • Inappropriate touching- patting butt, backrubs, front hugs
    • Sexual comments about students
    • Showing porn or risqué content to students
    • Poor boundaries/oversharing
    • Being alone in a locked room
    • Private internet contact or “sexting”
    • Hanging out with students off school grounds in non-school  based activities
  • So what is okay with students?  Appropriate Behavior May Include:

    • Positive reinforcement
    • Appropriate humor
    • Non-personal compliments
    • Overt and public interactions
    • Legitimate non-sexual touching: side hugs, or  comforting an injured student. However, children  have a right to not be touched at all, if they prefer.  Respect their boundaries.

Volunteer Training Resources

See Something, Say Something

  • A volunteer who observes signs, or becomes aware of  potential Adult Sexual Misconduct or child abuse should  immediately report it to the school principal.

    District’s Title IX Coordinator: 503-916-3340.

    Multnomah County Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline:  503-731-3100

    SafeOregon to anonymously report a school safety  threat, such as a weapon or threat of violence at school:  844-472-3367


  • If you wish to provide feedback on this training or  your experiences as a volunteer, please email volunteer@pps.net.