• K-5 English Language Development 

    Language development is an integral part of learning. For Emergent Bilinguals/Multilingual Learners having access to an integrated curriculum is our focus. Our instructional approach for serving Emergent Bilinguals/Multilingual Learners ensures students learn alongside their English speaking peers. Integrated instruction emphasizes content literacy, social interactions and language development through instruction taught by your student’s core teacher and their  language teacher. Together they provide high-quality instruction that simultaneously supports the development of language and content knowledge. 

    Since each student's linguistic needs vary, your student may also receive added language services provided directly by an assigned language development teacher. When language teachers work directly with students they plan instruction to directly support integrated instruction. They focus instruction on the language practices needed to meaningfully participate in all academic settings. Both approaches aim to support our graduate portrait promise. 

    Instructional Models for Emergent Bilinguals 

    • K-5 Integrated English Language Instruction/ Push-in 
      • English instruction is provided during student’s mainstream core instruction learning alongside English speaking peers.
    • K-5 Designated English Language Instruction/ Pull-Out 
      • English instruction is provided outside the mainstream core instruction for a portion of the time and students are learning alongside other Emergent Bilingual students. 
    • Shelter Instruction
      • Teachers use instructional strategies to deliver grade level subject matter, such as Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science & Social Studies, in order to make content accessible.