• 6-12 English Language Development

    To help students achieve academic success while still learning English, Portland Public Schools provides a range of educational programs and services. All schools with qualified English Language Learner (ELL) students offer services.

    Emergent Bilingual Students (EBs) enter U.S. schools in all grade levels, and with a wide range of backgrounds, reading skills, English language proficiency, and content knowledge. Older ELLs (and their teachers) face many of the same challenges as ELLs in the early grades, as well as a number of unique ones.


    Middle & High Schools: 

    • Students are placed into English Language Development classes according to their level of proficiency in English. 
    • Classes offered: Emerging 1-2, Progressing 2-3, Early Advanced.
    • English Language Proficiency (ELP) standards.
    • Students take mainstream courses which increase in language demand as they progress through levels of proficiency. Curriculum for mainstream (core) classes include scaffolds such as graphic organizers, sentence frames, and visuals.
    • Integrated ELD @ Lent, Bridger, George, Beaumont, & Cesar Chavez
    • High School Newcomer Program


    PPS Instructional Resources (Students access curriculum through Canvas):

    • District curriculum units on ATLAS
    • National Geographic
    • Time for Kids
    • Cengage-Edge
    • Classroom Libraries
    • CommonLit