Consolidated Budgets - Schools

  • The consolidated budget is the discretionary portion of schools' general fund that supports non-FTE resources, including, but not limited to:

    • supplies
    • limited term personnel
    • printing costs
    • extended responsibility
    • copy machines and toner
    • substitute costs not covered centrally

    Schools are allocated a consolidated operating budget each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), and that information is available for tracking in PeopleSoft Financials starting July 1st.

    Account Codes

    All consolidated budgets are in fund 101 and use a Function Code ending in 3 and the Area of Responsibility of 05000, as shown in the following list:

    Elementary & K-8 Schools  

    Middle Schools

    High Schools

    101 - 11113 - (Object) - (Loc) - 05000 - (Dept ID) 

    101 - 11213 - (Object) - (Loc) - 05000 - (Dept ID)

    101 - 11313 - (Object) - (Loc) - 05000 - (Dept ID)

    Beginning in fiscal year 2018/19, schools will no longer be allowed to carry over the unspent balance of their Consolidated Budget from the previous school year.  Schools which overspent their Consolidated Budget in the previous school year may have that amount deducted from their allocation in the fall.  A decision on this matter is made annually.

    Schools are expected to utilize their consolidated budget within the school year in which allocated, and will not be allowed to carry balances over to the following year.