• Greetings current Ida B. Wells HS students, grades 9-11!

    Forecasting for the 2023-2024 school year is now underway.  Please follow these directions to forecast.  Once you complete Steps 1-5, you will be able to complete Step 6 - submitting your selections in StudentVue.

    To Forecast for 2023-2024 Classes:

    Step 1Teachers deliver forecasting information to 8th period classes on January 12 during FLEX time.  If you missed the presentation or need to review, you can view the Forecasting Slide Deck or Forecasting Slide Deck with narration from the counselors.

    Step 2: Review your transcript - look at credits remaining. You can find your transcript in StudentVue under Course History - it is the blue button that says ‘unofficial transcript.’

    Step 3Review your forecasting class list and see what courses are available to you. 
    Grade 10 Course Offerings
    Grade 11/12 Class Offerings

    Step 4
    Consult the Interactive Course Catalog on the tab to the left. Check out all of the awesome electives!

    Step 5: Review the Student Guide To Online Forecasting

    Step 6: Fill out online forecasting in StudentVue—click course requests to input your choices. Please make sure to put in both halves of course codes.  Forecast for a full 8 credits. In addition, you should also select alternates (in case your first choice electives are not available). 

    Step 7: MEET WITH YOUR COUNSELOR BEFORE FEBRUARY 3. Find your counselor before school, during lunch, or afterschool to review and finalize your choices. Students should have courses entered into StudentVue before they meet with their counselor. Students should bring their forecasting sheet to the meeting.


    *   Talk to your math and science teachers to discuss appropriate placements for next year.

    *   Review the IBW Pathways Guide to see the many different Pathway options we have at IBWHS

    *   Meet with your counselor any time after January 13th to finalize your forecasting.  Deadline to forecast is February 3rd. 
    Counseling Department Contact Information

    *   Please be thoughtful about your choices. Once you have made your StudentVue selections and met with your counselor, your choices are FINAL.

    *   General forecasting questions can be directed to the Ida B Wells Main Office at 503-916-5280.