• Greetings current Ida B. Wells HS students, grades 9-11!

    The open period for forecasting for the 2021-2022 School Year is NOW CLOSED.  Please follow these directions to forecast.

    To Forecast for 2021-2022 Classes:

    Step 1: For some general information about forecasting, go through this slide presentation:  Forecasting Slide Deck

    Step 2: Review your transcript—look at credits remaining, you can find your transcript in StudentVue under Course History - it is the blue button that says ‘unofficial transcript.’

    Step 3: Review the forecasting worksheet for your next grade level and see what courses are available to you. This is for reference only. This will NOT be turned in.
    Forecasting Worksheet, Rising to 10th Grade
    Forecasting Worksheet, Rising to 11th Grade
    Forecasting Worksheet, Rising to 12th Grade

    Step 4: Consult the interactive Forecasting Guide or use the PDF version Forecast Guide  to learn more about classes that interest you.

    Step 5:  Contact your counselor with any questions and/or your selections: Counselor Contact Information


    Other Information:
    Be sure and check out this Math Curriculum Flowchart to be sure you are forecasting for the correct math class

    General forecasting questions can be directed to the Wilson Main Office at 503-916-5280.