• Letter of Recommendation Process 

    Resources:  Maia Learning Letter of Recommendation Video

    Please complete these checklists to obtain letters of recommendation. Once you have completed the information, please make requests at least 3 weeks prior to your first deadline

    Remember: not all schools require letters of recommendation, most public universities do not, most private universities do. Research your colleges to determine whether or not you will need letters before completing this process.  If you need a letter of recommendation, typically you will need 1-2 teacher letters and 1 from your counselor.  Please only ask for the number of letters you need.

    Counselor Letter Checklist:

    • Complete the Student Information Google form associated with your counselor. This is your chance to candidly speak about yourself including examples!
    • Complete Family Information Google form also by counselor – Your family’s chance to give their perspective on your awesomeness!
    • Research and make a list of colleges you are applying to in Maia Learning under Universities > Applying.
    • Utilize a google resume template to create a list of your activities, community service, jobs, awards, athletics, etc. and email it to your counselor and/or upload to Maia Learning.
    • Link your Common App to Maia Learning – this allows IBW to send documents to your colleges.

    Go to Profile > Application Systems > Click to Link

    • Once the above items are complete, make an appointment  with your counselor to discuss at least 3 weeks prior to your first deadline so they have time to write you the BEST letter possible!

    Teacher Letter:

    • You'll need to ask 1-2 teachers to write letters for you. Some colleges will ask you for specific content teachers ( core subject teachers within the last 2 years), so be sure to read through your schools' requirements carefully. Try to get teachers who can speak about your academic strengths and personal qualities.
    • You will request a letter from a teacher through your Maia Learning account under Request Recs.  Please ask for letters at least 3 weeks prior to first due date.


    1. You will need to check the boxes of the teachers you want to write you letters and check the boxes next to the universities you want them to send to.
    2. Write them a note asking for the letter stating:  the reason for the letter (college application, scholarship, apprenticeship), your FIRST due date, and thank them for their time.
    3. Not mandatory, but you can Upload a resume or list of activities on your request page to help with the letter. 
    4. Check back in with them a week before  your due date if needed.

    Teachers and counselors will use Maia Learning to send letters, your transcript and required recommendation forms to your colleges.

    Not sure if you need a letter? Confused about college admissions requirements? Check in with your counselor or with the College & Career Center in Rm 149. Remember that we want to help you in any way that we can as you navigate through this process. Please ask questions, we'll be here, ready to help you out!