• What is Home Instruction?

    Home instruction is instruction typically provided by a teacher in a student’s home or off-site location because the student is unable to access instruction at school. The home instruction model provides access to core instruction – it cannot replicate the depth and breadth of a typical school program. Home instruction is provided at the rate of one hour per day of missed instruction, not to exceed five hours per week. Home instruction is sometimes required for medical conditions and is a short-term alternative to school-based access to instruction. Home instruction may be provided on site after school hours. See Home Instruction Procedures for more information.

    Who Provides Home Instruction?

    It depends. The Special Education Department currently has 2 home instructors to provide home instruction. Otherwise, Student Success and Health and Special Education ask schools to identify teachers who are willing to provide home instruction for additional pay. Under the current PPS contract, pay for home instruction is set at the teachers’ hourly contract rate. In the Student Success and Health model, the home instruction hours may be split between two or more teachers when appropriate. It is best practice and best for the student, if a teacher from the student’s home school delivers the instruction. This practice helps to encourage a student to return to their home school as soon as possible, maintains positive relationships and effective communication. For staff who provide home instruction, please complete the Home Instruction Log

    How do I Refer Someone?

    The application process is explained in the Home Instruction Procedures. The School 504 Coordinator, School Administrator, and/or Special Education Case Manager will work with parents/guardians and students to find the best educational options for those who are unable to attend school. The referral form can be found here.

    For a WORD fill-in referral document, click here.
    For a .PDF fillable document, click here.

    Once the referral form is complete and appropriate medical documentation supporting home instruction is secured, submit the Home Instruction referral using the form below.


    TMP, Transportation and Home Instruction Submission Form

    Submit this form for: 

      • Temporary Medical Plan
      • 504 Transportation Request
      • 504 Home Instruction Referral
      • 504/IEP After School Supervision Request

    SS&H will review the attached documentation and contact you for next steps.



    Who does the School Coordinator/Administrator/Case Manager Contact?