• Instructions for Online Ordering of Kits and Libraries
    1. Go to the Multimedia Library website.
    2. In the search field, enter key words to assist in your search, such as Science Kits, the media number (listed below) or the name of the kit and the grade level.
    3. Click on the kit of your choice.
    4. To reserve your loaner kit, click the blank checkbox next to the name of the kit.
    5. Enter your Client Number and Password and click OK.
    6. If you have never used the Multimedia Library, check Unregistered User and click OK at which point you be asked to provide information. Your order will be processed and you will receive an email with your new user name and password.
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    K-5 Science Kits

    To request loaner science kits, loaner libraries, order consumable supplies online or gain access to instructional resources go to Multimedia Library at http://www-av.pps.k12.or.us.

      Physical Science Earth Science Life Science
    K Solidsand Liquids Kit
    MEDIA # T00114
    Trees Kit
    MEDIA # T00115
    Animals Two by Two Kit
    MEDIA # T00100
    1 Balls and Ramps Kit
    MEDIA # T00102
    Pebbles, Sand, and Silt Kit
    MEDIA # T00112
    Insects Kit
    MEDIA # T00109
    2 Balance and Motion Kit
    MEDIA # T00101
    Weather Kit
    MEDIA # T00117
    Habitats Kit
    MEDIA # T00108
    3 Changes Kit
    MEDIA # T00104
    Rocks and Minerals Kit
    MEDIA # T00113
    Growing Things Kit
    MEDIA # T00107
    4 Circuits & Pathways Kit
    MEDIA # T00105
    Land and Water Kit
    MEDIA # T00110
    Bones and Skeletons Kit
    MEDIA # T00103
    5 Variables Kit
    MEDIA # T00116
    Earth, Moon, Stars Kit
    MEDIA # T00106
    Microworlds Kit
    MEDIA # T00111
    4/5 FoodChains/Food Webs (Optional)
    MEDIA # T00118
    Exploring Magnets
    MEDIA # T00119