• World Language Credit By Exam (CBE-WL)

    Updated: October 1st, 2021
    The World Language CBE assessment dates below are only for seniors at this time. The registration from non seniors will be open after November 4, 2021.

    Due to health and safety considerations, all future CBE testing will take place at the Holladay Annex. 

    PPS uses a variety of web-based assessments (AAPPL, STAMP WS and STAMP) as an option for high school students to earn academic credits for language proficiency. Currently the PSU Hebrew test is NOT approved by PPS for earning credit. 

    For the STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency), students should be native English speakers or ESL students with high intermediate to advanced English. 

    Practice Tests are available for the STAMP only:
    Click here for all STAMP languages. 

    Available Languages:

    • Amharic (W)
    • *Arabic (S)
    • Armenian (W)
    • Chin (Hakha) (W)
    • Chuukese (W)
    • Czech (W)
    • Filipino (Tagalog) (W)
    • *French (S)
    • *German (S)
    • Hatian-Creole (W)
    • Hawaiian (W)
    • *Hebrew (S)
    • *Hindi (S)
    • Hmong (W)
    • Ilocano (W)
    • *Italian (S)
    • *Japanese (S)
    • Kannada (W)
    • *Korean (S)
    • *Mandarin Simplified (S)
    • *Mandarin Traditional (S)
    • Marathi (W)
    • Marshallese (W)
    • *Polish (S)
    • *Portuguese (S)
    • *Russian (S)
    • Samoan (W)
    • Somali MaayMaay (W)
    • Somali Maxaa (W)
    • AAPPL Spanish (A)
    • *Spanish (S)
    • Tamil (W)
    • Teluga (W)
    • Thai (A)
    • Turkish (W)
    • Urdu (W)
    • Vietnamese (W)
    • Yup'ik (W)

    *Students must be at ESL Intermediate or above.

    In District: $0 for students currently enrolled in a PPS school 
    Out of District: $50 for OOD or students currently enrolled in a non-PPS school
    (If paying by check or money orders, make payable to Portland Public Schools. Please note "PPS CBE-WL testing" on the check. Payment in advance is required for non-PPS students.)

    Schedule and Registration:

    • Thursday, October 14, 2021. Check in at 12:30 PM. Exam begins at 1:00 PM CLOSED
    • Thursday, October 21, 2021. Check in at 12:30 PM. Exam begins at 1:00 PM CLOSED
    • Thursday, October 28, 2021. Check in at 12:30 PM. Exam begins at 1:00 PM
    • Thursday, November 4, 2021. Check in at 12:30 PM. Exam begins at 1:00 PM CLOSED


    Click below to register.

    PPS World Language CBE Registration 2021-22


    STAMP and Other CBE-WL Testing for Grades 9-12 only


    2020-21 World Language Credit by Exam is currently under review for testing options during 2020-21.

    We will post options and registrations as quickly as we can.

    STAMP and CBE-WL testing for Non-PPS Students

    • Priority for all CBE-WL testing slots is for students currently enrolled in a PPS high school. Non-PPS students may register for open slots through their high school counselor. Students will be placed on a wait list. On the day of the test, students should arrive at the test site at the time provided on the registration email. After all PPS students have signed in, NonPPS students will be invited to take the test if slots remain. NOTE: Given the high demand for CBE-WL tests in PPS, the number of open slots for NonPPS students is extremely limited. 


    STAMP and CBE-WL Testing for 8th Grade PPS students:

    • Please contact your middle school counselor for the exam details. 
    • If the student is in an DLI school, contact Michael Bacon for language testing options.
    • If not in a DLI school, but the student is both bilingual and biliterate, they may benefit from taking the STAMP when they are in the 9th grade. To this end, PPS offers STAMP testing for 8th graders in NON DLI schools in June (after the last day of school at one high school site.)
    • Registration opens in May and is limited to 40 slots.
    • The STAMP is designed to test native speakers who are bilingual AND biliterate in the native language. It is not designed to be a placement test. In 2018, fewer than 40% of incoming 9th graders students who took the STAMP earned credit. So careful selection is important to ensure that students who take the test are both bilingual and biliterate.             


    Diane Berthoin-Hernandez, LCO/VS Administrator, dianepbh@pps.net, 503-916-6120, or x71730

    Keisha Mateo, Senior Clerk, kmateo@pps.net, 503-916-6120, x71732


Diane Berthoin-Hernandez
503-916-2000 x71730