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  • Printable Bell Schedule


    A/B Standard Schedule
    A=Periods 1-4
    B=Periods 5-8
    See the online calendar for specific A and B designations and week-to-week schedule for Tutor Time.
    Per. 1/5 8:15-9:46
    Per. 2/6 9:53-11:24
    Lunch 11:24-11:59
    Per. 3/7 12:06-1:37
    Per. 4/8 1:44-3:15
    AM Tutor Time/Assembly Schedule
    Tutor Times will be held most Thursdays and additionally on either Wednesday or Friday. Assemblies will be held during the Tutor Time block.
    Per. 1/5 8:15-9:32
    Tutor Time/Assembly 9:39-10:31
    Per. 2/6 10:38-11:55
    Lunch 11:55-12:27
    Per. 3/7 12:34-1:51
    Per. 4/8 1:58-3:15
    PM Tutor Time/Assembly Schedule
    Tutor Times will be held most Thursdays and additionally on either Wednesday or Friday. Assemblies will be held during the Tutor Time block.
    Per. 1/5 8:15-9:32
    Per. 2/6 9:39-10:56
    Per. 3/7 11:03-12:20
    Lunch 12:20-12:52
    Per. 4/8 12:59-2:16
    Tutor Time/Assembly 2:23-3:15
    Finals Schedule (three days)
    Per. 1/5/3 8:15-9:45
    Per. 2/6/7 9:50-11:20
    Lunch 11:20-12:05
    Per. 4/8/TT 12:10-1:40
    Tutor Time 1:40-3:15
    Early Dismissal Schedule
    District-wide  early dismissal for Teacher Professional
    Per. 1/5 8:15-9:17
    Per. 2/6 9:22-10:24
    Per. 3/7 10:29-11:31
    Lunch 11:36-12:08
    Per. 4/8 12:13-1:15
    Early Dismissal/Prof Dev 1:15-3:15
    Weather-Related Late Opening Schedule
    Per. 1/5 10:15-11:18
    Per. 2/6 11:23-12:26
    Lunch 12:26-12:59
    Per. 3/7 1:04-2:07
    Per. 4/8 2:12-3:15
    All Periods
    Per. 1 8:15-9:46
    Per. 2 9:04-9:48
    Per. 3 9:53-10:37
    Per.4 10:42-11:26
    Lunch 11:26-11:59
    Per. 5 12:04-12:48
    Per. 6 12:53-1:37
    Per. 7 1:42-2:26
    Per. 8 2:31-3:15



Schools News & Announcements

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  • WHS No Place for Hate Peer Training

    Wilson High School partnered with the Anti-Defamation League to implement a program called “No Place for Hate” as part of our school wide anti-hate action plan.  With this partnership, 33 Wilson High School students will be trained for three days (Dec. 11th, 12th, and 16th) on what to do when they observe and/or experience bias, hate, and/or discrimination at school and in our community at large.  These 33 courageous students will go into 9th grade classrooms at the start of 2nd semester and acting as “Peer Trainers” to spread their knowledge and understanding with fellow students about how to recognize bias and what to do about it when they see it or experience it.

     We are very excited about this amazing opportunity for our Wilson students and our school community.  If you have any questions, please feel free to direct those question to Vice Principal Ayesha Freeman.

     The students participating are: Bahja Abid, Samiya Ahmed, Sundus Ahmed, Anis Ali, Emilee Augsburger-Fisher, Molly Cogburn-Frury, Celia Connor-Smith, Isa De Los Santos, Bailey BuPerault, Iona Ellison, Lee Holoubek, Yaniv Horenstein, Hui Hui Hutchinson, Anne Koontz, Alison Krantz Grommes, Abraham Kushner, Maddie Limon, Bronte McKinnis, Asiya Menye, Jonel Mondero, Catalina Monterio, Aria Morgan, Aslan Newson, Emma Oechies, Ruby Park, Gia Prado, Nura Salah, Senya Scott, Mia Sedory, Manar Surur, Katisyn Sweeney, Alayah Willis, Sarah Woods.

  • Yearbook: Spring Supplements have Arrived!

    Pick them up in the main office, library, and room 139.
  • Volunteers Needed for Concessions: Booster Club

    Winter sports are now in full swing and concessions are ready to go!  We cannot open concessions without volunteers.  Never volunteered before? No problem.  Sign up and email us at info@wilsonboosterclub.com and we'll make sure you have help getting started. Help us open concessions for games all season. Signup

    https://signup.com/go/ycboLia. Thank you for supporting WHS activities, sports and programs by volunteering with our Booster Club.
  • Auditions: WHS Theater's Winter Production

    Auditions and Crew Applications for WHS Theatre's winter production "Teen West Project: Year 8 - You Cannot Undo This Action" by Conor Eifler are this coming Monday and Tuesday 12/9 and 12/10!  Please go to pwteenwest.blogspot.com or see the Callboard outside Rm 108 for more information and paperwork!  Contact Jamie Miller (mjamie@pps.net) or director Matt Zrebski (matthew.b.zrebski@gmail.com) with any questions
  • WHS Dystopian Literature Class Fundaiser

    Starting 11/26/2019 and ending on 12/20/2019, we’re having an online Titlewish fundraiser. 100% of the money we raise will go directly to purchasing new materials for our Dystopian Literature Course. To help us meet our goal, click here to visit our campaign page. Or, go to Titlewish.com and search for Wilson High School. Thank you for helping us provide Dystopian Literature students at Wilson with the best education possible! Questions? Contact: Keith Higbee and Marrla Wilkinson.

  • Winter Drive to Support WHS Families During the Holidays

    Looking for a way to give locally and with a high impact?  Please consider this drive benefiting Wilson students:

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