• Welcome Incoming 9th Grade Students - The Ida B. Wells HS, Class of 2025! 

    We are excited to have you forecast for your 9th grade classes! Everything you need to forecast for classes for the 2021-2022 school year is outlined below.  For a successful forecasting experience, please carefully read and complete Steps 1-3.  Once you have thoroughly completed the first 3 steps, you will be ready for Step 4 which is to contact your counselor with your selections.

    To Forecast for 2021-2022 Classes:

    Step 1) Watch the informational Forecasting Video from the Ida B. Wells HS Counseling Team.  While we highly recommend watching the video, you may also click through this slide presentation Forecasting Slide Deck.

    Step 2) Review the Forecasting Worksheet to see which courses are required and what electives are available to you.  This is for reference only.  This worksheet will NOT be turned in.

    Step 3) Consult the interactive Forecasting Guide to learn more about each course that interests you.  As an alternative, there is also a PDF version Forecast Guide you can print.

    Step 4) Contact your counselor with questions and/or your selections: Counselors Contact Information


    Other Important Information:
    Talk to your current math and/or world language teachers for appropriate placement options.  Almost every freshman takes Geometry unless they have already taken that class.


    For any general forecasting questions, you can also call the Ida B. Wells HS Main Office at 503-916-5280.