• Changes to Quarantine Guidelines for COVID-19 Close Contacts

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    Dear PPS Community,

    We want to let you know about changes Portland Public Schools is adopting, in conjunction with all the school districts in Multnomah County, to the quarantine requirements for those who come into close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19.

    Under guidelines set this week by Multnomah County, those who are not up to date on their vaccines will now be required to quarantine at home for five days after a close contact, a reduction from the 10 days that were previously required. Anyone, regardless of vaccine status, who has a close contact (15 minutes or longer within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19)should get a COVID-19 test after five days, if possible.

    PPS no longer requires those who have received all the vaccinations for which they are eligible (for adults, this includes booster shots) to quarantine at home if they were in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, as long as they remain free of symptoms (see a list of COVID-10 symptoms).

    One important reminder: If you develop symptoms at any time, stay home. For more details, including requirements for anyone who tests positive, please see Multnomah County’s quarantine chart.

    These new guidelines have been implemented by Multnomah County and have been adopted by PPS and the other six school districts in the Multnomah Education Service District. They have gone into effect starting January 11; anyone who had a close contact before January 10 should follow the previous guidelines that required a 10-day quarantine.

    In the coming weeks, we expect to announce more changes to guidelines, including for contact tracing and the test to stay and test to shorten quarantine programs. Changes will come as health experts continue to evolve their approach to treat COVID-19 as an endemic (when a virus is more manageable with greater population immunity) more than a pandemic.

    Thank you for doing your part to contain COVID-19 and keep our students in classes.