Statement of Philosophy:
    We believe that honesty and integrity are important and desirable traits in all areas of life including a student’s academic pursuits.  Faculty members have an obligation to educate students to standards of academic integrity and to report violations of those standards by those students.

    The principle of academic integrity shall be that a student’s submitted work, examinations, repots or projects must be that student’s own work. Students shall not:
    ·             Represent the work of others as their own;
    ·             Use unauthorized assistance in any academic work;
    ·             Give unauthorized assistance to other students;
    ·             Modify, without faculty approval, an examination, paper record or report for the purpose of obtaining additional credit;
    ·             Fail to meet other conditions for academic integrity as required by a faculty member for a specific course.


    • Do not let other students in your class diminish the value of your achievement by taking unfair advantage.  Report dishonesty when you see it.
    • Use quotation marks where appropriate and cite your source(s) whenever you use words or ideas that are not your own when writing a paper.
    • During assessments (tests), do not allow your neighbors to see what you have written; you are the only one who should receive credit for what you know.
    • Do not put yourself in a position where you can be suspected of having copied another person’s work or of having used unauthorized notes in an examination.  Even the appearance of dishonesty may undermine your instructor’s confidence in your work.
    • The purpose of assignments is to develop your skills and measure your progress.  Letting someone else do your work defeats the purpose of your education.
    • Never falsify a record or permit another person to do so.  Academic records are regularly audited and students whose grades have been altered put their transcript at risk.
    • Never fabricate data, citations or experimental results.
    • Never take test materials and/or answer keys from an instructor for the purpose of duplicating or using the material on a quiz or exam.
    • Never misuse the internet as a resource to complete assignments.

             Students who violate the Academic Integrity expectations are subject to:

    • A “zero” on any assignment that is misrepresented.
    • Parent notification of the event.                 
    • Informational referral to the appropriate vice principal.

    Suspension and/or expulsion for theft of test materials and/or answer keys from an instructor.