• Culturally-Responsive Tiered Fidelity Inventory (CR-TFI)

    School Climate Teams use the Culturally-Responsive Tiered Fidelity Inventory (CR-TFI) to assess current PBIS implementation, prioritize school needs and create school climate action plans. School teams complete the TFI at least annually and use the related action plan to guide their work throughout the year.  

    The culturally responsive PBIS practices and restorative elements are reflected in red italics in the CR-TFI. 


    CR-TFI Process Resources 

    All You Need CR-TFI-  This one page resource provides everything a School Climate Team needs to score the TFI and complete an action plan.

    Schools enter their annual scores using this form. Resulting reports, including year-to-year growth will be added to each school's MTSS Data Folder.

    Culturally-Responsive Tiered Fidelity Inventory (2.1.8a) - This PDF contains each CR-TFI item, possible data sources and rubric.

    CR-TFI Action Plan Template - This document is used by the Climate Team to capture their current score and make notes about their current practice and action steps. 

    CR-TFI Walkthrough Tool - This PDF is used by the climate team prior to team scoring of the CR-TFI in order to capture staff and student awareness of schoolwide expectations and positive reinforcement system implementation. 

    MTSS Tiered Instruction Matrix - This resource includes centrally-supported PPS tiered assessment and instructional guidance for literacy, math and behavior.

    Culturally Responsive TFI Companion Guide - This document provides clarity around the culturally responsive aspects of the CR-TFI.

    Tiered Fidelity Inventory Overview - This document provides the contents of each item at-a-glance.

    CR-TFI Item Exemplars - This folder includes examples of a variety of CR-TFI items. 

    PPS MTSS Tool Alignment Crosswalk - This document compares the CR-TFI, FIT and Successful Schools Survey, highlighting where these tools overlap and where they provide information on areas that other tools do not.