Appeal Processes

  • Administrative Directives

    Student Conduct and Discipline Administrative Directive (Appeal Procedures are on Page 20)

    Healthy Substance-Free Learning Environments (Appeal Procedures are on Page 2)


    You may appeal a suspension decision to the principal, if the suspension decision was made by a vice or assistant principal.  If the decision to suspend was made by the principal, you may appeal the suspension to the Senior District Staff responsible for supervising the school.

    If you wish to appeal the results of a hearing, you can request to appeal to the Office of Student Support Services at or 503-916-3960.

    Or, you can use this link:

    Appeal the Results of a Discipline Hearing or scan here:

    For hearings resulting in mandatory expulsions from Physical Attack Causing Harm to a Staff Member or for a student possessing a firearm on campus, appeal requests must go directly to the office of the Superintendent at (503)916-2000.

    Appeals Grid: Who hears appeals for different scenarios:


    Mandatory Expulsion


    Violation resulting in Suspension


    First Building Principal

    Second: District Staff Responsible for Supervising the School

    Title IX Hearings


    Superintendent or designee


    Level B or C Substance Use Violation


    Superintendent or designee


    Threat/Causing Fear of Harm to a Staff Member.



    *Mandatory 5 Day Suspension 5th grade and above

    First: Building Principal


    Second: District Staff Responsible for Supervising the School 

    *Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent may modify mandatory 5 day suspension based on recommendation of the appeals officer.

    Physical Attack/Harm to a staff member

    *Yes - by contract 5th grade and above 

    First -Superintendent OR Deputy Superintendent

    Second- Board of Directors

    Violation of dangerous or deadly weapons at school



    Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent


    Violation of firearm at school

    Yes-356 Day by Federal Law

    First-Superintendent only person to modify

    Second- Board of Directors

    Any Other Violations Resulting in a Hearing


    Superintendent or designee


    *Bargaining Article 9

    *Expulsions are the only appeals that go to the Board of Directors (not delayed expulsions)