• PPS Title VI Indian Parent Committee

    A requirement of federal funding is the establishment and support of an Indian Parent Committee.

    Federal Title VI(A) statute only allows parents, family members, official Tribal delegates (of record) with eligible children enrolled in the granted entity to serve in any capacity on the IPC – and at any time (including “Acting”). While (Tribal) community members are encouraged to attend IPC meetings, they cannot officially serve in any capacity on the IPC.  Only the official IPC Chair, AOR (Superintendent), and/or Project Director of record can call/hold IPC meetings and vote in new IPC members. For more information, please see the excerpt of Title VI legislation covering Indian Parent (pg. 7/53) also linked here: Title VI legislation

  • (1)         the local educational agency developed the program with the participation and written approval of a committee—

    (A)  that is composed of, and selected by—

    (i)           parents and family members of Indian children in the local educational agency’s schools;

    (ii)         representatives of Indian tribes on Indian lands located within 50 miles of any school that the agency will serve if such tribes have any children in such school;

    (iii)       teachers in the schools; and

    (iv)      if appropriate, Indian students attending secondary schools of the agency; Indian children;