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Grant HS Native American Student Union 2018-2019
Indian Ed Students with Beading Project

  • Teaching Native Students

    The following list is a compilation from Native educators and researchers.  Although generalized, Educators should be aware that:

    • There is great diversity among Native nations, tribes, bands.
    • Many students today who identify as Native may not “look Indian” and educators should reinforce their positive self-identity.
    • Native students may have little or no Native cultural connection or knowledge of their tribe, culture or traditions.
    • Native students from reservations may have more difficulty transitioning to urban schools.
    • Specialists are available to review curriculum materials for accuracy and sensitivity


  • The Indian Education Resource Library is an excellent resource for students, parents, and teachers!

    Indian Education has a department collection of books for all ages. Browse the online catalogue or set up an appointment to visit in person by emailing The library is located in Jefferson High School, Room A10

Oregon Tribal Land Acknowledgement

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Teaching Respect for Native Peoples

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