Wellness at PPS

  • Portland Public Schools is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children’s health, wellness and ability to learn by supporting behaviors that include healthy eating and physical activity. “Wellness” is an interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing choices to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which includes but is not limited to nutrition, nutrition education, physical activity and physical education. Source: Wellness Directive

    Note: All occurrences of the term "Wellness Directive" on this webpage are referring to the PPS Administrative Directive: Student Wellness through Nutrition and Physical Activity 3.60.062-AD (see links below)

    3.60.060 Student Wellness through Nutrition and Physical Activity

    Board Policy  Administrative Directive


    2020 WAC Informational Report to the Public (PDF)

    2021 SHAC Informational Report to the Public (PDF)

    2022 WAC Informational Report to the Public (PDF)


    action for healthy kids

    National School District Wellness Coalition

    PPS is a member of the Urban School Wellness Coalition. Since 2013, the Urban School Wellness Coalition brings together urban district health and wellness leaders to facilitate discussion around mutually important issues, provide opportunities to share information, network with peers, coordinate joint efforts, and inform urban educational leaders on the importance of student health as a driver of academic success. In addition, the Urban School Wellness Coalition supports the work of the Every Kid Healthy Coalition to discuss a coordinated approach and strategy to provide expertise and best practices on what does – and doesn’t work—in urban school wellness. The 28 districts, representing over 7500 schools and over 4.6 million students, are amongst the 150 largest U.S. districts, have diverse urban cultures, battle significant political barriers, and represent a geographically diverse cross-section of the country.

Wellness Advisory Committee Members

Jenny Withycombe
Assistant Director, Health & Adapted/Physical Education, Academic Programs
Rachel Drushella
Senior School Employee Wellness Program Officer, OEA Choice Trust
Joanne Lyford
Program Manager, OSU Extension SNAP Ed
Inge Aldersbaes
Associate Director, OEA Choice Trust
Grace Clark-Hibbs
Program Manager, PPS Nutrition Services
Meghan Leineweber
Program Manager, Nutrition Services
Liz Thorne
Director, Matchstick Consulting
Jill Bryant
Social Emotional Learning Assistant Director

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