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  • Nutrition Services serves 11,000 school breakfasts, 21,000 school lunches and 1,800 suppers to Portland students daily and employs approximately 240 staff including seven registered dietitians, child nutrition program managers and school specialists, food service leads and assistants and central distribution personnel. In addition to the National School Breakfast, National School Lunch and the After School Supper Program, students at 23 schools receive fresh fruit and vegetable snacks daily in their classrooms as part of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.

    PPS School lunches meet the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act certification standards and reflect the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and ChooseMyPlate.gov by featuring whole grains, unlimited fresh fruits and vegetables, nonfat and 1% milk. Students serve themselves from a fruit and veggie bar that has two types of vegetables and two types of fruit and fresh salad greens. Students are encouraged to fill half their tray with fresh fruits and vegetables that are available with each school lunch purchased. The department purchases over 36% of products from local vendors for Farm to School programs such as Harvest of the Month and Local Flavors.

    Nutrition Services is committed to creating healthy school environments that support life long wellness for students by increasing healthy choices and limiting access to minimally nutritious snacks and beverages. Visit our Wellness page to learn more.


Promotions for 2017-18

  • September 14 - Local hummus and Pita 
    October 11 - Carman Ranch grassfed beef 
    November 13 - Local three bean chili
    December 1 - Bean and cheese burritos
    January 30 - Zenner’s beef hot dog
    February 14 - Mozzarella filled breadsticks
    March 13 - Sustainably sourced Alaskan cod
    April 18 - Carman Ranch grassfed beef
    May 1 - Zenner’s beef hot dog

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