• World Languages
    To provide all students the opportunity to develop academic competence, proficiency in two or more languages, a positive self-image, and a positive attitude toward diverse cultures.

    To build and expand beyond our existing World Language program models so that all students have equitable and just access to rigorous language and cultural learning; develop the ability to view the world from multiple perspectives; and participate in and contribute willingly and regularly to our diverse, multicultural, and international community.

    ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines Values
    • All students can learn a second language.
    • Learning takes place in a variety of settings and styles.
    • A proficiency-based approach and use of best practices leads to competence.
    • A substantial body of research continues to support the many benefits of starting second language acquisition as early as possible.
    • A long sequenced, articulated program of study results in higher levels of proficiency.
    • Second language learning fosters a sense of humanity and friendship along with an increasing understanding and sensitivity to other languages and cultures.
    • Second language learning provides insights into one's first language.
    • Learning one second language facilitates the learning of additional languages.
    • Proficiency in a second language is an asset in many careers and for professional advancement.
    • Skills and concepts acquired through a second language transfer to one's first language. 


    PPS Proficiency Targets for World Language

    Objective:  Provide access for all students to take AP/IB World Language (Intermediate High) and achieve a Seal of Biliteracy (Inter-High) by raising the proficiency outcomes of High School World Language years 1-4. 

    Additional Information

    2022-2023 PPS World Language Scope & Sequence

    Credit by Exam: World Language Credit by Exam is earned by taking the STAMP, WorldSpeak, or the AAPPL. Please visit the Multiple Pathways to Graduation site for more details.

    NCSSFL-ACTFL Can Do Statements

    Student Friendly NCSSFL-ACTFL based rubric continuum for productive skills (speaking & writing)

    For additional information please contact Will Flores (wflores@pps.net) or Lihong Dai (ldai@pps.net).