• Student Responsibilities

    • Students must remain in assigned areas.  Students scheduled for late arrival or early dismissal must be off campus or in approved study area
    • Students must not violate their own or another’s security.  Theft of another’s property is a violation of school and district rules and will result in disciplinary action and all incidents are reported to the School Police. Students must follow all directions of adult staff.  All staff members have authority to issue reasonable direction to students, including the right to request student names and ID cards.  Classroom teachers have complete authority in their classrooms and all requests or instructions must be followed and obeyed by student.
    • Students must do nothing that may cause harm or injury to themselves or to others.  Wilson High School does not tolerate verbal or physical violence. Students who engage in this behavior will face immediate consequences that may include expulsion.

    For more information, please refer to the Guide to Student Responsibilities, Rights and Discipline.