• Discplinary Action Guidelines

    Portland Public Schools recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society. No discrimination or harassment will occur in any education program, activity or employment.

    When and Where the Rules Apply
    District behavior expectations apply to students whenever they are:

    • Present in any school or on property of the school district.
    • At any school-sponsored activity, regardless of its location.
    • Traveling to and from school.
    • Involved in conduct (regardless of whether or not they are off campus or at a non-school sponsored program) that has a direct connection to a school’s safety and or welfare.  If the conduct is speech-related, it must substantially disrupt the educational environment or be anticipated to do so by the principal.

    Rules for participants in district athletic programs and/or other school sponsored activities are in force during the entire season—seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day, at any location.

    Seniors may be disqualified from participation in commencement exercises and related activities if within sixty (60) consecutive days of the last senior school day if they are found to be in violation of District Drug and Alcohol policy or any violation resulting in a disciplinary action Level 3 or greater.

    Special procedures must be followed for students with disabilities or formal Section 504 plans who are suspended for more than ten (10) consecutive days in any year, for additional removals of up to ten (10) school days that do not constitute a pattern, for separate acts of misconduct which constitute a pattern or if student is being considered for expulsion.

    Some violations can result in referral to Portland Police Bureau.

    • Level 1 Conferences
    • Level 2 Interventions
    • Level 3 Suspension/Temporary Removal/Reassignment/Referral
    • Level 4 Expulsion/Delayed Expulsion/Reassignment/Referral
    • Level 5 Mandatory Expulsion
    • Level 6 Mandatory one-yr Expulsion (weapons/firearms)

    See Discipline of Students with Disabilities for special procedures that apply to students on IEPs and Formal Section 504 Plans in “Guide to Policies, Rules and Procedures on Student Responsibilities, Rights and Discipline”

     For definitions of specific violations and levels, please refer to the District Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.