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Risk Management

  • Risk Management's mission is to establish a safe environment for students, staff and the communities surrounding us.  It is our goal to create an atmosphere for achievement by instilling confidence in the safety of our schools.

    Perhaps you've heard people say that everyone is a risk manager.  It's important that when we see someone doing something unsafe, that we stop them before they get hurt or someone else around them is hurt.  But we also want to recognize those who are doing something safe, and tell them that they're doing a great job.  It's important that we all go home at the end of our day as healthy as when we arrived, and that means we have to look out for each other.  Be aware of your environment and the tools that you are using.  Are you using the appropriate tools for what you're trying to do?  Are the items you are using in good working order?

    Don't hesitate to ask for help!  If you ever have questions, please contact someone in Risk Management, because we are here to support you!

    About Us

    Portland Public Schools' Risk Management department is responsible for overseeing our Workers' Compensation program, and administering our Property, Auto and Liability claims.  Environmental Health and Safety joined the Risk Management department during the 2016-17 school year.  The Risk Management team reviews various activities for compliance with district policies, administrative directives and state laws (such as OHA and OSHA requirements). 

    Risk Management takes an active role in identifying, evaluating and protecting the physical, financial and human assets of Portland Public Schools.  Activities include reviewing school and departmental safety and loss control procedures to avoid and prevent claims, purchasing insurance, and transferring risk through contracts.

    Please review the appropriate page for more information about each of our programs.

    In order to provide an integrated service and support model to our schools and the district as a whole, the Risk Management department collaborates with several administrative departments including:  Human Resources, Facilities and Asset Management (FAM), Security, Legal, and Finance.

    Our department assists and supports the FAM and Security departments to increase safety awareness and practices, and to establish a secure and productive learning environment.


    Portland Public Schools
    c/o Risk Management
    PO Box 3107
    Portland, OR  97208-3107


    Multilingual Phone Services are available to families to communicate regarding attendance, achievement, behavior, assessment, evaluation, registration questions, special instruction, disciplinary matters and general questions.  Portland Public School District’s Language Access staff are available to answer parent/guardian questions in the following languages:


    Chinese, 503-916-3585

    Russian, 503-916-3583

    Somali, 503-916-3586

    Spanish, 503-916-3582

    Vietnamese, 503-916-3584


Joe Crelier, ARM
Director - Risk Management
(503) 916-3204
Kristen Weiler, AIC
Risk Management Assoc. III
(503) 916-3703
Daedra Buntin, CPDM
Risk Management Assoc. III
(503) 916-3105
Philip March
Risk Management Assoc. II
(503) 916-3704
Brett Borgeson
Sr. Manager - Environmental Health & Safety
(503) 916-3502
Herb Wagner, WSO-CSSD
Environmental Health & Safety Assoc. III
(503) 916-2000 ext 74277
Leo Rodriguez, GSP
Environmental Health & Safety Assoc. II
(503) 916-6503
Peche Barteaux, STS #18334
Environmental Health & Safety Assoc. III
(503) 916-3505
Kenzy Sorensen, ASP, PMP
Environmental Health & Safety Assoc. III
(503) 916-2000 ext 74354
Risk Management Team