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Healthy and Safe Schools

Healthy and Safe Schools

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

    The District has an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to control pests such as weeds, insects and rodents.  IPM is an environmentally sensitive practice that uses methods that are the least toxic and most effective.  In 2012 IPM became law for all public and private schools in the state of Oregon.

    For more information about IPM, visit the Oregon Department of Agriculture website for the Oregon School IPM program.  Additional information is available at the Oregon State University Extension website.  

    For information about head lice: 

    For information about ants:


    Prevention First

    The District’s pest management plan is based on the Oregon State University Extension model of Integrated Pest Management.  It prioritizes a variety of options, starting with prevention, to control pests that pose a threat to children, staff and others who use District facilities, and to the condition of District buildings.


    Occasionally, District staff must use herbicides, primarily along fence lines and in areas that are inaccessible to mowers or other mechanical equipment.  To further reduce use of herbicides many families, District staff, and community members volunteer to weed the shrub beds at many schools during Community Care Day (before school begins in the Fall) and throughout the year through our Family of Volunteers program.


    The District does not use insecticides on the plants around the schools, because staff have chosen insect-resistant species.  The District rarely uses insecticides in the schools. When they are necessary, the District uses a certified IPM pest management contractor to make all pesticide applications.


    When PPS must use pesticides, our contracted vendor selects only those that are on an approved list.  In Oregon that list is maintained by Oregon State University and is available on their website.  District policy and state law prohibits the use of pesticides that are classified by the EPA as Group A or B carcinogens.  The District’s grounds crew and contractor are licensed to apply pesticides.  They receive regular training about approved techniques, and follow the protocols in the District’s IPM program manual and EPA-approved label directions for application.  Only licensed applicators are permitted by law to apply any pesticide on PPS property.


    For more information or to file a complaint and/or concern, please email ipmcoordinator@pps.net

    * Learn more about work orders on the following webpage:  https://www.pps.net/Page/1884


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