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    Risk Control Initiatives

    Risk Control Initiatives are proactive, centralized programs targeted at specific types of losses, exposures, or regulated activities.  The initiatives may be new or supplement current programs.  Risk Management may support another functional area or oversee the initiative directly.


    The multi-faceted approach includes work on the issue to ensure:


    • Written policy and procedure
    • End user learning material or events
    • Development of subject matter experts within PPS
    • Specialized equipment
    • Third-party review or audit


    Current initiatives affecting the learning environment:


    • Classroom lab safety
    • Kiln operations
    • Theater and stage operations
    • Non-structural seismic improvements


    Current initiatives affecting the employee working environment:


    • Return to work/light duty
    • Ergonomics
    • Legal compliance with restraint activities
    • Roofing fall protection
    • Slip/fall prevention
    • Field trip review process improvements