• Credit by Exam

    Credit by Exam (CBE) is a process for ascertaining student achievement and awarding credit for a particular course which is normally offered within the student's high school, without the student having to enroll or otherwise participate in the course. CBEs cannot be taken to make up a failed course. CBEs typically are posted as “PASS” on the student transcript. If a student does not pass a CBE, it cannot be retaken.

    World Language Credit by Exam is earned by taking the STAMP, WorldSpeak or the AAPPL. The STAMP, WorldSpeak and AAPPL are a web-based tests that assesses proficiency in world languages. [Learn more]      

    Health Credit by Exam/Portfolio Option (Health CBE) - UNDER REVISION 2019-20. Available in Fall 2020. 

    Other content areas may be available through Credit by Exam. Contact the Learning and Credit Options Administrator to request more information. 

    Diane Berthoin-Hernandez, LCO/VS Administrator, dianepbh@pps.net, or 503-916-2000 x71730
    Keisha Mateo, Senior Clerk,  kmateo@pps.net 503-916-6120, or 503-916-2000 x71732

    Enrollment Windows:
    CBEs take time to complete and time to score and process. Plan ahead to ensure that your results are posted to your trasncript in time to meet your academic goals.

    Here are the enrollment windows for each CBE:

    • Health enrollment window is September 1 through February 1 each year.
    • World Language Exam testing windows vary yeach year. See annual schedule on the registration form. 

    In order to ensure that your grades and creidts are posted to your transcript in time for graduation, make sure to plan ahead.

    Senior dates are:

    • Health enrollment window is September 1 through February 1 each year.
    • World Langauge CBE tests must be taken by April 1 each year.


Diane Berthoin-Hernandez
Assistant Director
(503) 916-2000 x71730