• 6-8 Math

    Vision Statement: 

    RIGOROUS AND USEFUL MATHEMATICS CONTENT mathematics is modern, relevant, related to students aspirations for college and career.


    RICH MATH EXPERIENCES: Opportunities for ALL students to experience the beauty, joy and wonder of mathematics through engaging, authentic, culturally-responsive, instructional experiences and real-life contexts. Students are active in the exploration, understanding and application of rigorous and relevant math in the world. Students have agency and voice - opportunities to collaborate, communicate and creatively solve problems.


    POWERFUL INSTRUCTION - teachers use a variety of problem based, student centered, engaging, and culturally-responsive pedagogical approaches to ensure access AND rigor


    POSITIVE MATH IDENTITY: Students believe they are mathematicians, believe in their innate mathematics ability, and enjoy mathematics - Be curious, inquisitive, confident, compassionate critical thinkers with growth mindsets.


    FAIR AND EQUITABLE PATHWAYS: Pathways and options including recruiting, enrichment and acceleration to promote to aspirations of students rather than creating obstacles by tracking.  


Kristin Moon
Asst Dir-Acad Prog Math & Sci • Middle Grades Core Academics
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