6-8 Math

    Vision Statement: 

    RIGOROUS AND USEFUL MATHEMATICS CONTENT mathematics is modern, relevant, related to students' aspirations for college and careers.


    RICH MATH EXPERIENCES: Opportunities for ALL students to experience the beauty, joy and wonder of mathematics through engaging, authentic, culturally-responsive, instructional experiences and real-life contexts. Students are active in the exploration, understanding and application of rigorous and relevant math in the world. Students have agency and voice - opportunities to collaborate, communicate and creatively solve problems.


    POWERFUL INSTRUCTION - teachers use a variety of problem based, student centered, engaging, and culturally-responsive pedagogical approaches to ensure access AND rigor


    POSITIVE MATH IDENTITY: Students believe they are mathematicians, believe in their innate mathematics ability, and enjoy mathematics - Be curious, inquisitive, confident, compassionate critical thinkers with growth mindsets.


    FAIR AND EQUITABLE PATHWAYS: Pathways and options including recruiting, enrichment and acceleration to promote to aspirations of students rather than creating obstacles by tracking.  


    6-8  PPS Curriculum

    All core curriculum can be found by visiting the link below:

    PPS and Family and Community Curriculum Site


    MidSchoolMath (MSM)

    MidSchoolMath is a comprehensive and robust curriculum that emphasizes building conceptual understanding as a foundation for different learners to access middle grades mathematics.  It does this by introducing every lesson in context, helping students relate real situations to the mathematical skills needed to find solutions to those situations.  


    The curriculum focuses deeply on the standards – each lesson cycle covers a single standard, spanning an entire week.  This allows time for instruction to dive deeply into each standard through a progression of learning each week.  


    What can you expect to see from the MidSchoolMath curriculum?

    Learn more by clicking this link:

    Nuts & Bolts of Core Curriculum by MidSchoolMath





Thu-Tam Doan
Asst Dir-Acad Prog Math & Sci • Middle Grades Core Academics