• Middle School Redesign Mission:

    We are committed to redesigning all middle schools through shifts in systems and policies, redefining the student experience, and supporting schools with solving persistent problems of practice, in order to provide equitable opportunities and outcomes for students, particularly Black and Native students.

    Middle Grades Mission:

    To prepare young adolescent advocates, teachers who are knowledgeable about the developmental stage of early adolescence, aware of the educational implications of that knowledge, and committed to knowing, supporting, nurturing, and challenging all students;

    To prepare subject matter experts, teachers strongly grounded in their content and equipped with multiple methodologies for teaching young adolescents in two subject matter areas;

    To prepare facilitators of learning, teachers who can facilitate the learning of all students, who understand the philosophical, historical, social, psychological, and pedagogical principles that guide instructional decisions, and who successfully construct, implement and evaluate instruction.

    To prepare collaborative professionals, teachers who are skilled in teamwork, who participate in professional growth opportunities, and are models of professional behavior.


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Joanna Tobin
Senior Director Middle Grades Core Academics and Middle School Redesign
Richard Smith
Director of Middle Grades Redesign