• College and Career Center
    The College and Career Center, located in room #149, is open all year during the school day. Learn more here.

    Students  have the opportunity to learn about college and career pathways through an on-line tool, Naviance.  College visits are organized through the College and Career Center.  Colleges visiting Wilson are hosted in the College and Career Center as well.   Throughout the school year, students can learn interviewing skills, job shadowing and career day opportunities.  These opportunities also fulfill CRLE (career-related learning experience) requirements for graduation.

    Parent volunteers are also available in the College and Career Center.

    Financial Aid/Scholarships                                                                                                                                                     
    The College and Career Center serves as a resource for financial aid and scholarship opportunities.  Students can inquire with the College and Career Coordinator and search for corresponding scholarships on Naviance.

    Naviance is a comprehensive college search engine.  Each Wilson High School student has a Naviance log in and password.  If you do not know your Naviance log in or password, please do inquire with the College and Career Coordinator.


    Off-Campus Work Experience and Internship Learning Guidelines
    The Portland School District and Wilson High School recognize that student involvement in worthwhile activities related to business enterprises, community agencies, government and private organizations and extracurricular arts activities provides valuable educational experiences for students.  Off campus work experience and internships are either non-paid or paid. 

    The following guidelines are available:

    • The Off-Campus Learning credit can be earned for non-paid experiences.
    • The Work Experience credit can be earned for paid experiences.
    • The student must be enrolled in the high school and his/her proposed program shall not infringe upon regularly scheduled classes. The student must be maintaining a 2.0 cumulative GPA or above.
    • School personnel will not directly supervise Off-Campus experiences.
    • The number of credits a student can earn is limited to no more than 6 credits in their high school career between Off-Campus and Work.  A student cannot earn more than 1 credit from each program during the school year.
    • To earn Off-Campus learning credit, a student shall be required to participate in a minimum 130 hours for a full credit and 65 hours for a .5 credit. To earn work-experience credit, a student shall be required to work 260 hours for a full credit or 130 hours for .5 credit.

    General Process for student participation:

    • The interested student shall be responsible for developing a tentative proposal for an Off-Campus credit program in relation to a specific setting. In developing the proposal the student will indicate the proposed place of the activity, the types of activities he/she will engage in, the expected learning outcomes, the tentative schedule for such activities and other factors, which the school may deem necessary. Students may obtain the Off-Campus Learning Program Student Application and Proposal form from their counselor.
    • The student’s counselor and vice principal shall review the proposal and when the proposal is satisfactorily completed it shall receive tentative approval.
    • The student shall, in person, present the proposal to the organization/person supervising the Off-Campus experience, negotiate any modification in the proposal and obtain written approval by the person in that organization who is designated to be his/her supervisor.

    Once the proposal has been approved by the parent, the Off-Campus organization, the student’s counselor and the school vice principal, a copy shall be placed in the student’s cumulative file. It is the student’s responsibility to assure that the supervisor’s report is returned and credit is granted. Time sheets must be submitted for paid work.