Bloodborne Pathogen Information and First Aid

Staff in positions that put them at higher risk of exposure to body fluids, such as custodians, secretaries, health room staff, those working with SpEd or behavioral populations, need to have an annual OSHA-approved BBP training specific to their work environment, beginning with the in-person MESD BBP class which includes the demonstration of required personal protective equipment and a discussion of the protocol to follow after exposure to a body fluid. MESD can then provide the subsequent years’ annual training online through their online training portal, free of charge, and the training dates will be tracked and sent to administrators each fall and spring.

Please note that the SafeSchools BBP module is not an OSHA-approved BBP training for the above-listed category of high-risk staff members, and will not satisfy the annual OSHA training requirement.

PPS Administrative Directive - Disease Control (5.20.102-AD)

MESD Blood Fluid Exposure Protocol

When You've Been Exposed...

Bodily Fluid Exposure Log (Form #7)

MESD Training Schedule

MESD Exposure Control Plan

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