• When inclement weather is expected on the morning of a school day, every attempt is made to decide about school closures and schedule changes the evening before. For an unexpected or a less definite weather situation, every attempt is made to make a decision as early in the morning as possible. Our goal is to make the most appropriate decision for our students, staff and patrons based on the available information.

    District staff members collect weather-related data from a range of reliable sources. A network of Leadership then decides whether any school closures or schedule changes will occur, and arranges for that decision to be posted as soon as possible. If you do not see any emergency announcements posted at our media outlets then PPS schools and offices will be open at their regular starting times.

    Find out about closures and delays:

    • PPS will send text alerts to families, students and PPS staff who have opted in to receive SMS text alerts on their cell phones. If you are a parent or guardian, a student or a PPS staff member, you can opt in to receive texts by texting YES to 68453
    • An automated phone call is sent to affected families.
    • The District has a Twitter feed to relay closure, delay and emergency information. Follow @PPSConnect.
    • Information also is posted on the PPS website and submitted to the media.
    • Snow routes and alternative stops will be called for AM or PM or both depending upon the road conditions or weather forecast. Additional District announcements could come out throughout the day as the weather is monitored.

    Delays and closures: The District has two options in the event of bad weather; Delay school openings for two hours or close the schools altogether. Before deciding which to do, District officials consult with local meteorologists, city transportation officials and PPS transportation staff in the field.

    Late Start: If a two hour late start decision is implimented and for example your bell time is 8:00 AM, your scheduled late start time would be 10:00 AM.

    Individual school decisions: The District may close or delay schools at higher elevations while keeping schools at lower elevations open. For example, Skyline, West Sylvan and Forest Park might open two hours late with all other schools opening on time.

    Makeup days: 
    The Board of Education has built into the calendar up to five replacement days in the event of school closures.