• Frequently Asked Questions


    Are you eligible for transportation services?

    Adding or Changing a Stop

    Q:   Why can't you put a bus stop in front of my house?

    A:    We would have to determine: a.) if you live within the 1 mile boundary or 1-1/2 mile walk, or b.) if safety is a factor and if the requested stop is within a safe walk to your address.  Unless there is a safety factor involved, stops are not generally closer than ½ mile apart.


    Q:         Can my Big Bus stop be changed? I don’t think it is safe.  What are the steps to have this happen and what can I do to help this change happen?

    A:         The request is generally turned into Transportation by the school.  When Transportation receives a request to change a bus stop it is looked at by several people and sometimes they go out and view the site.  This usually takes place about three weeks after school has started.  The school will be notified of the approval or denial.


    Q:         When will transportation start?

    A:         As soon as we can get the request processed.  We process requests on a date received basis.


    Finding Your Bus and Times

    Q:         What time will the bus arrive at my stop?

    A:         Parents can look at the Transportation Website to find their stop times under General Transporation Stop and Routes.


    Q:         How do I find out which bus I ride?

    A:         You may use any or all of the following methods:

      • Parents can look at the Transportation Website to find the bus number and stop location under General Transporation Stop and Routes. Arrow down to your school and find the stop closest to your home.
      • Call your school.They have access to a tool that can tell you if you are eligible for bus service and the closest stop to your address.
      • Call our office and we can help find the stop for you. 503-916-6901 x63775.
      • Go to PPS home page and click on Enroll.  Find your neighborhood school by putting in your address in and it will tell you.


    Late Buses

    Q:         Why is my bus late?

    A:         While we make every effort to have your bus on time, events beyond our control can and do occur. Heavy morning traffic and adverse weather conditions are the most common problems.


    Q:         My pick up time is 8:15 and now it is 8:25. I have been waiting since 8:20 because the bus is “usually” late. Where is my bus? can they come back to pick me up?

    A:         We cannot send a bus back for students who missed their bus. Please be waiting for the bus 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.


    Late Opening

    Q:         If school opens two hours later than normal, what time does the bus come?

    A:         In most cases, the bus will arrive two hours later than the regularly scheduled time.


    Q:         Why can't everybody be on the same late opening schedule?  

    A:         Some schools, especially High Schools have late opening schedules based on their individual needs.


    Safety of the Bus

    Q:         Why don't all school buses have seat belts?

    A:         Our buses are held to the highest standards of construction to provide the safest method to transport our children. The design is cushioned and “compartmentalized” to act like an egg carton holding eggs.


    Snow Routes

    Q:        If the buses are on snow routes in the AM will they be on their snow routes in the PM?

    A:       Snow routes and alternative stops will be called for AM, PM, or both depending upon the road conditions or weather forecast. Please pay close attention to additional District announcements throughout the day for changes. District decisions made after the initial call with be updated to the same media outlets.


    Q:         If the buses are running on snow routes do the after school extended day buses run?

    A:         No, when the buses are on snow routes the extended day transportation is canceled.


    Q:         If the district calls for snow routes, do worksites open 2 hours later? 

    A:         No, worksites will not be open on days that snow routes are in force.



    Special Education Transportation Questions

    Q:         How long does it take for transportation to be set up?

    A:         It takes 7-10 working days. At the beginning of the school year it can take a little bit longer to get transportation into place.


    Q:         When will transportation start?

    A:         As soon as we can get the request processed.  We work on a date received basis.  Transportation will generally start on a Tuesday within 7-10 days from when we receive the request.


    Q:         Can we put Special Ed students on the bus before my school’s bell time in the PM?

    A:         The driver will be unable to take the students until the bell rings.


    Q:         If the district calls for snow routes, do worksites open 2 hours later? 

    A:         No, worksites will not be open on days that snow routes are in force.


    School Bus Education for the Student: The S.T.O.P.P.S. Program

    Q:         What is the schools responsibility regarding the STOPPS program?

    A:         Elementary students are shown the video “Toby the Tire.”  Middle School students are shown the video “How to Be Safe on the Bus.” After viewing the video they go out to the school buses for the “on the bus instruction.” High School students receive a brochure and that is all.


    Tri-Met and PPS

    Q:         How do I qualify for a free or reduced bus pass?

    A:         We do not sell reduced bus passes or tickets. We pay the same as the public and do not get a discount. 

    For the school year all PPS High School students will receive a Tri-Met logo on their student ID’s.  By showing the Tri-Met driver their student ID with the logo on it allows them to ride Tri-Met or the MAX until the end of school year.  Other grades need to buy their passes from the local store where Tri-Met passes and tickets are sold.


    When the Busses Arrive at School

    Q:         Does a staff member need to meet the buses at the school in the morning?

    A:         Yes they do. ALL school busses MUST be met in the morning. Also there is the benefit of open communication between the bus driver and the school.  The bus driver can let the staff member know of any problems or concerns that happened on the bus on the way to school.


     Q:        What time does a staff member need to be in the loading zone?

     A:        The buses arrive ten minutes before the tardy bell, they need to be met at this time.



    If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact our office.  transportation@pps.net or 503-916-6901, Ext 0.