Safety Patrol

  • The PPS School Board adopted the PPS Safety Patrol Program in 2002. While schools are not required to have a safety patrol program, many PPS schools opt to create and support safety patrols because of the benefits it provides for students and the community. 


    If your school is interested in forming a Safety Patrol, a few considerations need to be noted:

    • Any school with a Safety Patrol is required to have an adult coordinator at the school. This can be a teacher, a school support staff, or a community member volunteer, such as a parent. Community volunteers must go through the PPS Security Services volunteer screening process.

    • Students in 4th-8th grade are eligible to participate on the Safety Patrol. Students should be selected based on maturity and ability to follow instructions and handle responsibilities. 

    • An adult must supervise any time students are in the street.

    • Safety Patrol members are required to wear and use appropriate equipment whenever performing Safety Patrol duties. This includes a high visibility vest and crossing guard flag. Equipment is provided by the district and maintained by the school. Schools may purchase ponchos or umbrellas through the PPS Marketplace if desired. Replacement vests and flags can be requested by emailing

    • Safety Patrol members are not intended to manage traffic. Instead, they provide increased visibility for students crossing near schools. Safety Patrol members are typically stationed at crosswalks with high levels of foot traffic within five blocks of the school. Safety Patrol clothing and equipment is designed to help drivers identify students crossing so that drivers stop for crossing students.

    • Students must have a signed permission slip from their caregiver on file to participate on the Safety Patrol. 

    • School Safety Patrols are invited to attend the end-of-year celebration as a reward for their service during the school year. Schools are responsible for arranging transportation for their students to and from this event. A signed field trip permission slip is required for each student attending the celebration. This is not the same permission slip as the one granting permission to participate on Safety Patrol.

    • Adult program coordinators for Safety Patrol should contact a union representative or supervisor if there are questions regarding additional compensation for coordinator responsibilities.


    If your school is ready to form a Safety Patrol, please contact and we will get you started!


    Permission Slips:

    (Signed by student’s parent/guardian and stored with the Safety Coordinator)


    Traffic Safety Patrol Permission Slip - English

    Traffic Safety Patrol Permission Slip - Spanish

    Traffic Safety Patrol Permission Slip - Russian

    Traffic Safety Patrol Permission Slip - Vietnamese

    Traffic Safety Patrol Permission Slip - Chinese

    Traffic Safety Patrol Permission Slip - Somali