• Rates and Estimates

    We provide price estimates as a courtesy only; they do not reflect the final cost as each trip request is a custom quote via our procurement process. Your trip is billed after it is completed.

    2023–2024 School Year Rates

    Standard yellow bus weekday rates.  

    SY23-24 Rates_2

    • Take-Stay: Total hours of the trip + 1.5 (to represent deadhead) = Total Bus Hours

    • Take-Return: Total hours the bus is being used (Take time + Return time) + 3.0 (to represent deadhead) = Total Bus Hours

    Take your Total Bus Hours, apply the three hour minimum to it, then calculate the remaining time based on 15 minute increments to get a rough estimate of the cost of a bus for your trip. Just multiply this rate by the number of buses you intend on using for multiple bus trips.

    Example: You have a 4 hour trip (Take-Stay).  You add 1.5 hours to cover any deadhead that we may be charged for and the total is your "Total Bus Hours", which in this example is 5.5 hours.  We'll then apply the 3 hour minimum ($236.07), leaving us with 2.5 hours that will be billed in 15 minute increments (10*15 minutes = 2.5 hours).  So, (10*$15.70)+$236.07 = $393.07, your estimate for the trip. 


    Weekend and overnight rates will vary.

    We cannot guarantee all field trips will be able to rely upon yellow buses (and lower rates) for prime-time trips, so please budget using the motor coach rates below when requesting prime-time trips.

    Motor Coach Estimates

    All motor coach trips are bid as custom estimates are subject to PPS procurement policies and required to be submitted for outside quotes.