• Student Transportation Driver Requirements

    School buses are one of the safest modes of transportation in this country. Part of that reason is the stringent certification and ongoing training requirements for school bus drivers.

    To initially become a school bus driver in Oregon you must:

    1. Successfully complete application and interview process.
    2. Acquire Commercial Driver Instruction Permit (CDL).
      1. Must pass DMV CDL C written test.
      2. Must pass DMV CDL C passenger endorsement written test.
      3. Must pass DMV CDL C school bus passenger endorsement test.
    3. Pass driving and Oregon criminal record checks.
    4. Complete and pass the FBI fingerprinting process.
    5. Successfully complete a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical.
    6. Pass drug and alcohol screening test.
    7. Successfully complete agility test.
    8. Complete a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of Behind The Wheel (BTW) training.
    9. Pass DMV BTW test.
    10. Receive CDL license and Oregon Department of Education (ODE) School Bus Driver's permit.
    12. Complete the following classroom training within 120 days of receiving ODE permit:
      1. First Aid (6 hours)
      2. Core Training (8 hours)
      3. Smith System Defensive Driving (6 hours)
    13. Receive ODE School Bus Driver's Certificate

    To maintain your ability to be a school bus driver in Portland Public Schools you must:

    1. Renew your ODE School Bus Driver's Certificate every two years if under 55 years of age and ever year
      at 55 years of age and older (ODE requirement)
    2. Maintain minimum ODE training hours requirement at time of certificate renewal
      1. Three year driver - 24 hours of ODE approved classroom training
      2. Four year or more driver - 32 hours of ODE approved classroom training
    3. Successfully complete annual driver's performance appraisal 
    4. Receive regular monitoring of driving record through the DMV D.A.V.E. flagging system