• The Decision Making Process

    When inclement weather is expected on the morning of a school day, every attempt is made to decide about school closures and schedule changes the evening before. For an unexpected or a less definite weather situation, every attempt is made to make a decision as early as possible. The district's goal is to make the most appropriate decision for our students, staff and patrons based on the available information.

    District staff members collect weather-related data from a range of reliable sources. A network of administrators then decides whether any school closures or schedule changes will occur, and arranges for that decision to be posted as soon as possible. If you do not see any emergency announcements posted at our media outlets then PPS schools and offices will be open at their regular starting times.

    Getting the News About Bad Weather

    Our media outlets can be found here. PPS Media Outlets

    The temporary inability to safely and properly transport students to school by bus is one of the main reasons for school closures during inclement weather. However, school and office closures affecting students do not necessarily mean employees may remain at home. District employees have the same obligation to report to work as do other adults employed throughout the community and city. Employees are expected to make good faith efforts to get to work unless they are specifically told not to report to work.