• A Day in the Life at Student Transportation


    Jason Carr, a member of the PPS Fleet Staff, provides CTC Students with an afternoon of hands-on experience learning about vehicles.


     Jason Carr with CTC Students       CTC Students Learn About Car Maintenance.

    The Community Transition Program (CTP) supports students as they transition to life after high school in building independence and quality of life. A large part of this work is providing authentic opportunities for our students to get real world experience in the areas of independent living and work. Our students interests in work varies from service to clerical and technology fields, and lately a large focus on automotive work. Due to insurance and other restraints, we’ve had a hard time getting authentic opportunities for our students to get hands-on practice working on cars. There are virtual experiences on-line or the option of looking at books, but our students learn best by working with their hands. We recently had a student ask CTP’s secretary, Becky Stewart, if they could work on her car. This got her to thinking, where could we find someone to teach our students how to do basic car maintenance? She reached out to our transportation team, and they generously donated their time, and a vehicle, while the maintenance team cleared out a space to give a valuable training to our students. Students learned about spark plugs, changing tires, how to measure fluid levels, change the air filter and how to use jumper cables. Students were fully engaged, and all smiles as they asked “How does a horn work?” and “What is a spark plug?”  This opportunity is a great example of how our departments can work together and offer amazing and memorable learning experiences for our students.