• Snow and Ice Transportation Information

    Alternative emergency snow route bus stops were developed for the safety of students, bus drivers, and the general public. Cooperative efforts to ensure safety are of prime importance during inclement weather conditions. Updates of emergency snow route schedules are posted on the PPS website at Bus Stops and Routes.

    1. Media announcements are not always the most reliable source of weather-related information. The information may not be the most current, accurate or complete. The district's Communications Department monitors media announcements and calls television and radio station when information needs to be corrected. You may want to listen to more than one television or radio station to be sure the information is consistent. To find the most accurate, up-to-date weather-related information, go to PPS Media Outlets. The information delivered through these media outlets is provided by the district's Communication Department and is the most current and accurate information available.
    2. Parents should instruct their children on safe walking and waiting procedures. Parents are responsible for safety of students at bus stops.
    3. Students are requested to wait for buses at a safe distance from the road during inclement weather.
    4. Parents are encouraged to make individual decisions regarding their student's school attendance during inclement weather conditions, especially for preschool, primary, and special education students. These children are more apt to be affected by delays, longer travel time, or personal apprehensiveness.
    5. Snow routes and alternative stops will be called for AM or PM or both depending upon the road conditions or weather forecast. Please pay close attention to additional District announcements throughout the day for changes. District decisions made after the initial call with be updated to the same media outlets.
    6. The announcement of snow routes may accompany a late opening, be used with regular opening time, or an early closure (see page 1 for details).
    7. During "Early School Closures" all pre-kindergarten and kindergarten transported students will ride home with upper grade students. Buses will not be provided at midday for PM half-day classes.
    8. When "Specific Named School Closures" are in effect (i.e., West Sylvan, East Sylvan, Skyline, Forest Park) buses will not transport students to and from or operate within these closed areas of attendance.
    9. Notices will be provide to students and schools of routes that will have known significant time changes on snow route days. Precise stop times are not possible during emergency snow days due to inclement weather traffic delays. Parents must decide when to send their children to the bus stops on these days. Students should dress appropriately for inclement weather.
    10. In some cases it may not be possible to provide full service to Special Education students on snow route days. Special Education drivers will contact parents to predetermine the planned service level on snow route days. Choices are; 1) regular stop, 2) alternative stop, or 3) cancel service.
    11. Buses are radio-dispatched and equipped with all-weather tires and chains. Bus drivers have been trained to use their best judgment when tire chains are required due to varying weather conditions.

    Efforts have been made to identify every current bus stop and its related emergency snow stop to ensure the safety and welfare of students. Updates of emergency snow route schedules are posted on the PPS website at Bus Stops and Routes.

    Please call Student Transportation, 503-916-6901 if you have questions about emergency snow route bus stops, procedures, and updates.