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    Through the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission (MHCRC) TechSmart grant initiative, support for blended learning strategies to improve 3rd-grade reading outcomes has directly impacted 31 schools, hundred of teachers' instruction practices, impacting the learning of thousands of students. The grant project is designed to directly align with the PK-5 Language Arts adoption, supporting K-3 and extended into 4-5 classrooms to:
    • Ensure all K-5 students are meeting grade-level benchmarks for reading and eliminate the opportunity gap between white students and Black, Indigenous and/or Students of Color, as well as, students who identify as emergent bilinguals, or neuro-diverse.
    • Provide embedded supports and technology-rich materials to help teachers transform practices and provide culturally & linguistically relevant personalized learning.
    • Validate and disseminate effective practices that use technology to provide culturally & linguistically relevant personalized learning and improve K-5 literacy outcomes.
    • The overall project goal is to identify, refine, and scale instructional practices that leverage technology to personalize learning to improve 3rd-grade reading outcomes for each student.

    Portland's TechSmart grant operates on the premise that third-grade reading outcomes will improve while all educators have a foundational knowledge of literacy and know-how to implement effective instructional strategies and practices that are bolstered with the use of technology-enhanced personalized learning.

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Alexandra Fagan
TechSmart Coach
Caitlin Kincl
TechSmart Coach
Erika Durant
TechSmart Coach
Gretchen Sanders
TechSmart Coach
Mark Hansen
TechSmart Coach
Ryan Hoxie
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Sarita Flores
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TechSmart Leadership Team

Jennifer Hopkins
TechSmart Technology Integration TOSA
Andy Wheeler
Program Manager, Learning Technologies/OTIS
Kevin Crotchett
Director of Learning Technologies