• Are you ready for class? Checklist

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    Class may look different, but we still need to be sure our students are ready for the school day. Whether your class Meets or Zooms, please take a moment and review our tips on how to be successful in class.

    1. Be prepared: Make sure your device is on and is charged. Collect everything you need for class before it starts!
    2. Be focused: Choose an appropriate work space at home. Use headphones if you have them.
    3. Be on time: Log in a few minutes before class starts.
    4. Be polite: Mute your microphone when someone else is speaking.
    5. Be engaged: Mute your microphone when someone else is speaking.
    6. Be safe: Don't share meeting passwords or links. Don't record or take pictures of your class.

    Distance Learning Tips for Families

    • Create expectations & routines
      • Establish a schedule
      • Divide your days into predictable chunks
      • Maintain normal household routines and chores
    • Set up a good spot to learn
      • Dedicate a consistent spot for school
      • have necessary supplies nearby
      • monitor the space and learning as much as possible (doors open, central location)
    • Encourage exercise & ensure sleep
      • Physical exercise is good for bodies and brains and helps manage stress
      • Sleep and exercise help children be ready to learn
      • Create nighttime routines and establish bedtimes
      • Put away electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime
    • Monitor screen time
      • Turn off phones if they are not needed for learning.
      • Set up time for quiet and reflection
      • Hands on activities and physical books are good for brains
      • Technology is not necessarily good or bad. Prioritize apps used for learning.
    • Guide your child to take charge of their learning
      • Expect your child to do their part
      • Give your support
      • Know what work and learning is being assigned
    • Stay connected
      • Know how to communicate with teachers
      • Learn the learning management system
      • Find out the schedule
      • Connect to school communication systems
    • For even more Distance Learning Strategies at home, visit https://bit.ly/DLHomeStrats