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Healthy and Safe Schools

Healthy and Safe Schools

  • Portland Public Schools is dedicated to environmental health and safety issues. Welcome to the Healthy and Safe Schools page, a newer page now required of all school districts in Oregon. Here you will find pages with specific information about lead in drinking water, lead paint, radon, and integrated pest management.

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  • A significant water quality benchmark reached

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    Water is now back on in the first group of 15 schools as part the district’s program to replace water fixtures in all 90 PPS schools and programs. These first 15 schools served as a pilot program to help the district’s water quality team overcome unforeseen problems and further refine our methods to become more efficient as we move onto the next sets of schools.   

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  • School water quality timetable

     Water fountain with flowing stream of water.

    Work continues to turn water fountains back on in PPS. Last week, crews turned back on the drinking fountains in public areas at Applegate, Atkinson and Chief Joseph. Here is the progress on the first group of 15 schools that were scheduled to have the work done.

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  • Harriet Tubman Middle School environmental background (prepared for Faubion K-8 move-in)

     Harriet Tubman Middle School exterior.
    The following information has been reviewed to date and provides insight into the due diligence and work that was performed at Harriet Tubman Middle School to prepare the building to receive Faubion K-8 students, as well as maintenance and safety testing work completed during the two years that Faubion was housed at the facility. We have also included information on safety assessments that will take place as part of the effort to prepare the building to open as Harriet Tubman Middle School.
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  • Radon Update – September 1, 2017

    Portland Public Schools finished with initial radon testing of all occupied ground floor rooms in 2016 and early 2017. The project cost was over $100,000. Some locations will require re-testing during the 2017/2018 winter heating season due to changes such as construction or HVAC programming. Testing is described in the PPS annual radon plans available on this web page, and is performed in accordance with the Oregon Health Authority protocol titled “Testing for Elevated Radon in Oregon Schools - A Protocol and Plan”. A spreadsheet of results is on this web page. See the links titled “Initial Short Term Radon Test Results” and “What do radon test results mean”?


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