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  • The Learning Technologies Team supports the application of technology for the enhancement of learning, teaching, engagement, and assessment. Learning Technologies support student growth through the integration of technology, multimedia resources, networks and communication systems.


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  • Change to 9-12 Student Email

    When the “apps4pps.net” domain changed this summer, all students were moved to the “student.pps.net” domain, and students in grades 9-12 were given new district email accounts (ie: “jdoe3456@student.pps.net”). Students can access their email account by going to email.pps.net or the email link on the Student Portal. With this change, the student email field in Synergy was assigned to the student’s PPS email account. This field is locked. A student’s personal email account was moved to a secondary email field.
    This change brings equitable access to email for all PPS high school students. It allows our teachers, staff, offices, and libraries to communicate with high school students via PPS enterprise email which is safe, secure, and protected under our data privacy agreements. PPS teachers and staff can observe best practices in communicating with students, critical in a world where digital privacy, safety, and security are paramount. The change will further improve the Google Classroom and Google Docs integration as notifications of teacher comments on student G Suite documents will now be sent to the student's email.
    poster to assist with communication will be delivered to High Schools by Wednesday.

    Synergy, Destiny, and Google communications with high school students will go to PPS student email accounts. Teachers using email to communicate with students should always use the student’s PPS email address. Help spread the word that students in grades 9-12 can access their district email account at email.pps.net using the same login and password credentials as they do for logging into their accounts and Google access. More information can be found on the student accounts page. High school students will now find district, teacher, and library communications in their student.pps.net email account.
    Please contact support@pps.net with any questions.
  • Student Chrome Extensions Turned Off

    Please share with your staff that based on data and privacy concerns, as well as teacher feedback from last year, PPS students are no longer able to install their own Chrome extensions. All extensions and apps for student use will be reviewed for compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which requires that K-12 schools and libraries in the United States use Internet filters and implement other measures to protect children from harmful online content.

    If teachers OR students would like to submit extensions or apps for review, please fill out the following form at pps.net/chromeext. Completed requests should be processed within 7-10 business days. If you cannot install your extension after then, please contact the Learning Technologies Team, learningtech@pps.net.

  • Staff Login on Existing Chromebooks

    Since PPS has changed its Google domain to pps.net from apps4pps.net, staff login on existing Chromebooks is a little different. You may have noticed that the login window is auto-populated with @student.pps.net. To login, if you start typing your email address, the @student.pps.net will disappear once you type the @ symbol. Watch this quick video if you need help. New staff Chromebooks will not have this issue.


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Director of Learning Technologies
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Technology Integration Specialist
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