Explore Your Options

  • Early Childhood Education
    The website will answer your early education questions about kindergarten, pre-kindergarten and Head Start programs. The site also provides tips to help children have a confident start at school.

    Before / After School Care
    Most PPS schools offer on-site before and after school childcare. Childcare is provided by certified, non-profit organizations. In some cases, the provider transports students from the school to a nearby childcare facility.
    Childcare Programs

    Focus / Immersion Programs
    Portland Public Schools offers many unique focus and language immersion programs. Frequently asked questions for immersion programs. Spanish immersion program information.

    High Schools
    The Office of High Schools supports the PPS high school system, helping students make the best fit for their learning styles and education goals so they graduate ready to succeed.
    High School System

    Education Options
    Students whose needs are not met effectively in traditional school settings have options in Portland Public Schools. For more information about district-operated alternative programs, community-based programs and charter schools, click here.

    Special Services
    Portland Public Schools strives to meet the individual learning needs of each student through special services that recognize students' strengths and build their abilities.

    Talented and Gifted
    English as a Second Language
    Integrated Student Support (Special Education)

    Home Schooling
    Multnomah Education Service District (MESD) provides home schooling registration for students living in Multnomah County. Parents seeking this option must register the student through MESD. Eligible students may receive special education services even if they are home schooled. For more information, go to https://www.multnomahesd.org/homeschool.html

    Home School Notification

    Virtual Public Charter Schools

    PPS students may enroll full time in Oregon Virtual Public Charter Schools, as soon as an Intent to Enroll form has been received by the Enrollment & Transfer Center.  Intent to Enroll forms are provided to the parents by the charter schools.

    Part-time enrollment in a PPS school and a Virtual Public Charter School is allowed only through a tuition agreement for classes in a PPS school.

    District Notice of Intent to Enroll Instructions:
    OAR 581-020-0342: A parent must provide notice to the school district in which the parent resides that the parent intends to enroll a student in a virtual public charter school. lf more than 3% of the students who reside in the school district are enrolled in a virtual public charter school not sponsored by the district, the district must provide notice that the district: (a) Approves the student for enrollment, OR (b) Does not approve the student for enrollment in the virtual public charter school and provide a copy of this rule AND OAR 581-020-0343 to the student and a list of two or more other online options available to the student.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Portland Public Schools is currently below the 3% district cap set by OAR 581-020-0342. PPS Students may proceed with immediate enrollment in a virtual public charter school once an Intent to Enroll form has been submitted to the Enrollment and Transfer Center at enrollment-office@pps.net or mail to PO Box 3107, Portland, OR 97208.