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  • Welcome to the 2020-21 Resources & Updates page for Portland Public Schools. You will find the latest updates as we start 2021 under distance learning, as well as resources we've gathered to help students and families deal with the challenges of education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

February 26 Update: We Are Planning for Hybrid Instruction in 4th Quarter

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    Dear PPS Families and Staff,

    This week, Superintendent Guerrero and senior leaders presented a COVID-19 school reopening update to the Board of Education. The update largely focused on the district’s plan to offer hybrid instruction to middle and high school grades by mid-April. This follows a similar announcement two weeks ago regarding kindergarten through 5th grades.

    In short: PPS plans to open classrooms to hybrid instruction in April for families who prefer their students to experience in-person learning this school year. Our plan is in response to improving COVID-19 trends in Oregon and the Portland metro area. It is aligned with guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education, and vetted by public health experts including our own Health Advisory Team. The plan also reflects the input of our families, who in our most recent survey of kindergarten through 5th grade families, show that 69% want some sort of in-person instruction made available to students.

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February 10 Update: Hybrid Learning Plans for Grades K-5

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    Dear PPS Families,

    We want to share with you emerging plans for a partial reopening of classrooms, starting this spring. Last evening, Superintendent Guerrero and district staff presented this update to the Board of Education. On Friday, we will ask families with students in kindergarten through 5th grade what their preferences are for their students’ learning options for April, May and June of 2021.

    Beginning in early April, families with students in kindergarten through 5th grade will have the option to participate in “hybrid” learning, attending school in person four days per week for about 2+ hours per day. For families who prefer to have their student continue the school year in online-only Comprehensive Distance Learning, students will still have that option available.

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  • Student and Family Supports

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    This summer, Portland Public Schools educators, central office leaders, public health professionals and community leaders, came together to build a comprehensive plan to ensure that in this time of distance learning our PPS students and families have the resources and supports they need to learn.

    In the pages that follow you will learn more about all of the internal and external resources we are providing to students and families listed by school. This catalog shows what we are currently offering and establishes new ways that our PPS students and families can access supports during this season of comprehensive distance learning.

    To see a snapshot of the current offerings, with descriptions of the services and a school-by-school list of where they are offered, please click on the image to the right. It will be updated regularly to keep students and families up to date on available supports.

Multilingual Phone Services

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    • Русский | Russian: 503-916-3583
    • Soomaali | Somali: 503-916-3586
    • Español | Spanish: 503-916-3582
    • Tiếng Việt | Vietnamese: 503-916-3584

Key Resources & Information

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